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How to see views on TikTok

Some people who are new to this platform don’t quite understand where to see the number of views on TikTok — on Instagram it is obvious, for example, while on TikTok it is a little bit more discreet and not so accentuated.

Likes seem to play a way bigger role, yet it is not true — how many views your video has plays a very big role in how often it is going to be shown to other people in their recommendations. 

So if you want to see the number of views, you need to go to your own or to the person’s profile and check the number of views that’s going to be visible in the left lower corner of the video’s preview. The number next to the play symbol is the amount of views that the video has.

Practically, it is the number that you should orient on in order to understand how good the content is — some people don’t leave hearts for videos, but you can still judge how nicely it came into worldwide recommendations by the amount of views it has gathered.

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But what if you just cannot wait for the views to come and none of the videos that you have created (yet those are great) weren’t able to go into the recommended videos list?

In this case you can turn to help from the side services and companies — buy TikTok views, but make sure that you’re purchasing them from a trustworthy company that’s able to provide you with real plays from actual people.

Avoid buying plays from the company that’s using bots to wind up the numbers on somebody’s accounts — this is going to destroy your reputation and will show a very bad impact on your videos ability to go into recommendations.

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And even if you have made a decision to purchase views, don’t forget that the major reason of anyone’s success is generating entertaining, engaging and topical content that makes people empathize and find something very relatable to their own lives.

If you have no clue how to make something like this, just spend several hours on TikTok yourself — after that you’ll understand the vibes that are going on in the trends right now and you will be able to figure out what you can say and show to be on the same page with the others.


How to see other people’s views on TikTok?

Go to their profile and check the number in the left lower corner of the videos’ previews. There you will be able to see the number of plays that the particular video was able to gather.

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