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TikTok followers check

If you’re running a business account on TikTok, you should be into analytics, that’s obligatory in case you want to organize yourself a decent development. How to check the gender distribution, how to see where your followers is from?

All of that is available in the section of analytics that can be seen after you press the three dots button on your profile page. But you should keep in mind that this menu is available only if you’re running a business account. So if you don’t, you need to switch to it by going to the section “manage my account”.

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What can gender division give you in terms of generating quality content? You might already be guessing if your primary audience are men or women, but it’s always nice to know exactly.

In the analytics section you can see the pie diagram where the division of your viewers gender can be seen very clearly; looking at that diagram you can draw conclusions on what type of content you should concentrate more and what the results of posting a certain video would be.

You definitely shouldn’t orient on that metric only, as sometimes a rather unexpected type of content may appeal to your audience more than any other.

By the way, gender is not the only thing you should focus on when selecting content for publication. A very important role is also played by the age of your subscribers and those people who hypothetically can come to your profile after they have seen some of your videos in their feed.

Gender, age, location of your viewers, as well as the range of their subscriptions to other people — this is a complete list of what can help you understand your target audience. The latter, by the way, can be analyzed independently, simply by making a small sample of those people who have already subscribed to you.

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If you note that you still do not have enough subscribers on the channel and the number of views is smaller than you’d like it to be, you can solve the issue with a paid option: today you can easily buy TikTok followers who will cover your need for a certain number of subs.

The desire to have a certain number of subscribers is completely explained by how people relate to profiles with different numbers of followers — spoiler: the more of them, the more authoritative a person seems.

Even if we step aside from the situation that has been developing for years on Instagram and Facebook, we will understand that it works exactly the same on TikTok; although it would be strange not to admit that here the success of a certain video may depend on pure luck and a combination of circumstances.

If you decide to use the paid option, do it boldly, but do not forget that this is not the basis of your success, but only its support.

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