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How to see your followers gender on TikTok?

Knowing what is the prevailing gender of your followers on TikTok is important to figure out what type of content you should post. Sure, this is not the only thing to orient on, but it is quite important — you won’t deny that women and men have quite different preferences and the content they watch is also quite different.

It is logical and smart to know your audience and be able to adapt to their needs — in TikTok, you can do this by viewing your profile statistics. 

There you can find a chart that will clearly indicate the number of your male and female viewers. Looking at this division, we can draw certain conclusions, but still we would not argue that this is the most important thing.

The boundaries between genders are very much erased today, especially in social media; trends are viewed almost equally by both men and women. We would say that the determining role in the analysis of the audience is played not so much by gender as by age.

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This is really worth paying attention to — after all, what is interesting to fourteen-year-olds will not be interesting to thirty-year-olds. And here you will need to draw conclusions and understand what type of content should be posted to your profile, and how to communicate with the audience.

Zoomers prefer fast content, if you didn’t interest them in the first seconds of watching the video — you lost them. Millennials are slower than the first ones, they are quite good at watching videos that are several minutes long.

Knowing at least these two facts, you can already make some amendments to your content plan, if you have one. If you are a spontaneous creator and hope for luck, in principle, you should not bother so much. 

You won’t believe it, but this is also a strategy — most of theTikTok stars did exactly that. They just shot what seemed to them the most relevant at the moment, and received thousands and millions of views.

If you want to do that, you’ll have to be patient. Not every video gets into the recommendations the first time, first you need to be selected by TikTok algorithms. Somehow it happens that even if some of your videos gets a million views, this is not a guarantee that the same thing will happen to the next one.

This is why TikTok is so different from all other social networks. In Instagram, the situation with popularity is completely the opposite.

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If you don’t have the time and desire to wait, you can always buy TikTok followers and forget about all the worries.

However, you need to make sure that you are buying real subscribers, not bots — if you buy bots, you can forget about your ambitions and desire to become popular forever. You will have to create a new account, as the statistics of this profile will be irretrievably damaged.

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