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1000 followers on TikTok

If you have just started managing your profile on TikTok, one of your tasks can easily be a set of 1k followers and a sufficient number of views and likes.

In some cases, 1000 is just a number that aspiring content creators make a goal for themselves, and in other cases it is a necessity. In particular, when a person comes to TikTok in order to go to live. But how to get this first thousand subscribers?

This is quite difficult, because the algorithms of this social platform do not work exactly the same as in Instagram or in another social network. What’s the difference?

The fact is that in TikTok, everything is decided by the recommendations that the video either gets into or not. Recommendations are the main feed of each person who enters TikTok.

And they are selected based on the interests of this person, which they can both mark during registration or gradually designate for the algorithm that is engaged in the selection of videos.

1000 subscribers TikTok - Vip TT

And if the video does not get into the recommendations— then the content remains unnoticed. Of course, if you already have a developed platform in another social network, this will not be an obstacle for you.

You can just share the link with your subscribers on another platform, and they will give you an activity, but what should those who do not have such an opportunity do? You can buy TikTok followers and forget about your worries about the number of subs.

But there is a point: you only need to buy real subs and avoid fakes and bots at all costs. Because if dead accounts start coming to you, you can forget about your claims to popularity and getting into recommendations: you will have to start a new account, since this TikTok will cease to be considered real.

But even if you’re acquiring subscribers, remember that you are not solving the problem of popularity completely.

You still need to invest a huge amount of time and effort in maintaining the achieved level: regularly post new content, find ways to interact with the audience and try to talk about your activities on other platforms too — cross-posting can greatly help you in the issue of distributing your video content.


What happens when you get 1000 followers on TikTok?

You get a chance to go live on TikTok. Before gaining 1k subscribers, you don’t have such an option by default.

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