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How many followers on TikTok to get paid

There is a question that many people have: how much followers do you need on TikTok to get paid? But this is an incorrect question, as people are comparing TikTok to another big video platform (YouTube), while things work completely differently for these two.

Though the number of subs isn’t the thing that regulates whether a YouTube blogger gets paid, it shows impact on the number of views that they’re getting.

However, on TikTok things are even more different: there it doesn’t quite matter how many subs and views you have on your previous clips: things matter only at the moment.

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So, let’s say you have one hundred followers and you have posted something that blew up — now you’re gaining hundreds of subs almost every minute and the process doesn’t seem to stop. That’s great, but will it help you with gaining even more subs in the future? Well, more or less so, but there is no direct bond whatsoever.

Surely, a huge number of subs can show a positive impact on people’s decision to follow you, but TikTok doesn’t monetize this number, it just doesn’t see the difference between you or any other blogger. The only thing you might need the subs for is going live on TikTok, but still, it doesn’t get monetized.

Mainly speaking, the only way to monetize your profile on TikTok is to make advertisements for brands or songs. No other way is available; this platform wasn’t meant to be the money-making one, it was created solely for entertainment.

But people are people, and they find the way to make a coin no matter what. So if you’re interested in things like this, you should think about promoting your profile and making it grow big, but don’t wait for TikTok to pay you; it’s not the case.

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Can you fasten the process a little bit though? You probably don’t have time to wait until you gain your first thousand subs; fortunately, you can. Today you have a very nice opportunity to buy TikTok followers that will make your profile look cool all of a sudden — even if you haven’t yet posted many things.

You might have 3-4 videos downloaded and a pack of delivered subs (that are real, this is the only condition you should observe) will still change the situation drastically.

People will see that your content and your page have already been valued, and they will more willingly proceed to checking out your stuff as well. 

We aren’t saying that paid services can solve all of your problems and take you to popularity in a blink of an eye, but those are able to show a very positive impact on your page’s online life. You shouldn’t hesitate to buy some subs or some likes or whatever you might need, if you see that it can help you.

At the same time, you should never stop being creative and hard-working, as social media is nothing different from the work that people do in offices and other places. You need to be attentive, people-oriented and follow the latest trends. Good luck!

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